Mari    Vocal   Sing & play piano


Born and raised in Tokyo.

She began her musical education at a young age. 

She speciallizes in singing and playing the piano together.

As a soloist, she performed at Carnegie Hall in 2014 with a gospel music group.


Oyakata   Piano


27 Years of experience teaching piano. 

Born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan.

Oyakata began playing the piano at the age of 4.

He graduated from PAN school of music in Tokyo.

As a pianist, band member, composer and producer,

he has often performed on TV and radio, at concerts.


Oyakata started his own music school "KANADE" in 2008.

"KANADE" is a Japanese word which means

"play an instrument".

He wishes that every student will play music

in their own style from the bottom of their heart.